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What Is HR Management Software?

With the ever-growing role played by human resources (HR) departments today, the feature depth of HR software has more to offer than ever before. The responsibilities of HR professionals go beyond hiring, firing, and tracking head counts. HR personnel must also manage payroll, handle in-house certifications, manage schedules, and remediate disputes.

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Absence Management

Managing employee Absence is never been easy, our HR system provide you to monitor employee Absences with company absence type such as Annual Leave, Casual, etc… even employee can request their Absence using online HR system. Management can easy to see employee Absence requested and able to approve through email or in online system to operate business operation running more efficiently

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Employee Self-Service

Consider the HR system features that provide employees with self-service HR. These include a self-profile, automated time-off requests, Training requests and overtime requests with payroll and their salary history. Giving employees an intuitive self-service process, whether on their desktop computer or through a mobile app, saves them time in performing these tasks and saves HR time in responding to their requests.

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Ferry Route

Our HR System can define your employee ferry route who will take on which stop and can monitor with their drop off points including driver information.

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Payroll for Salary

Employees expect you to get their pay right first time, every time. Unless you have all the right information in one place, and up to date, that’s not always that easy. With our HR System, you’ll be able to stay on top of all elements of allowance, bonus, expense claim and deposit; from base pay to benefits, and from bank details to bonuses. Data is available when you need it, and payroll processing simpler.

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Performance KPI Management

Giving you the tools to make performance management easy, Our HR system provides you with the ability to schedule and record one-to-one reviews, to generate objectives and deliverables, analyse employee performance metrics and monitor their KPI levels. Software can set employee goals and target based on company policy. The basic mission of performance tracking software is to ensure that employees are properly evaluated for bonuses and compensation, and are given proper credit for certifications and skill advancement.

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Recruitment Management

In-recruiting supports your complete recruitment process, from posting job vacancies to making the final job offer. It connects you to the leading free job boards, so you can find the people you need faster and more effectively. In-recruiting has flexibility at its core, so you can align it with the recruitment approach you want to take, whether that’s a simple CV upload or a questionnaire-led application process. You can set up as many job vacancies as you want; define different application processes for different roles; choose where your vacancies should appear; publish vacancies in different languages on different sites and much more. The system then automatically publishes – and removes – the vacancies you’ve created using your specified dates. You won’t need to worry about out-of-date listings or waste time on manual maintenance, and republishing vacancies or extending expiry dates is simpler too.

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Tax for Government

Our HR System build with government rules and policy including Tax payment calculation while running payroll for all employee. System generate Tax report for government office with essential information for HR and Management team.

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Time and Attendance

For operations dependent on managing multiple shifts of employees, scheduling and shift planning features are must-haves. In small operations, shift scheduling is often handled using just a grid built on a spreadsheet. But opting in to a dedicated scheduling solution can give you much greater flexibility than any spreadsheet can provide. The ability to directly tie scheduling into both attendance and payroll is a basic benefit.

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Training Mangement

With HR Training Module, Management can able to setup trainings that employees need to attend and assign the training to employees or departments or divisions. Even employee can request for their Training in online software by using self-service feature. Once the trainings have been assigned to the employees, email notification is sent to employees asking them to attend and complete the trainings. Regular reminders are sent to employees who has not yet completed the training. Recurring trainings can also be setup to be assigned to employees automatically every month, three months or half yearly.

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